Upgrade your 350 with one of our 383 Stroker Kits

Stroke engines are still a dominant force in the world of collectible Chevy cars. One of the most popular types of stroker kits is the 383 stroker kit, primarily due to the results it can potentially provide. When someone refers to “the stroke” of an engine, they are referring to the amount of speed to which the crankshaft moves the pistons. Having a stroke kit as structurally strong and fast as the 383 stroker kit provides an increased amount of fuel and air into the cylinders themselves. Thusly, it adds an increased displacement without changing the engine blocks, which is really cool by the way. Ultimately, this means more torque and more horsepower.

Chevy is one of the longest-standing manufacturers of small-block engines and vehicles, which is why we take great pride in the 383 stroker kits to which we provide. The 8 cylinder engine that it can be applied to is usually a stock 350 engine with a piston stroke capacity of 3.48 inches. What the 400 crank does is change the 383 to a total stroke length of 3.75 inches. The production of this total displacement of 383 cubic inches is where the 383 name comes from. Drawing in 383 cubic inches of fuel/air mixture into the engines’ cylinders throughout one cycle of the 8 pistons, is what the 383 stroker kit provides.

So if you’re are ready to make this adaptation and make your Chevy engine become the monster it wants to become, we highly recommend the acquirement of one of our 383 stroker kits. It’ll include everything you’ll need to make these dramatic changes and give you the horsepower and torque you want. It’ll typically include a cam and lifter set, a complete rotating assembly, valve springs, locks, retainers, gasket kit, oil pump, brass freeze plugs, harmonic balancer, and a flexplate. Now doesn't this sound like the perfect way to upgrade that 350?

26th May 2014

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