All Inclusive LT1 383 Stroker Kits

The sounds that engines make when they are revving up is something that car enthusiasts find to be attractive, appealing, and almost addictive. Since summer is over and winter is upon us, now is the time to do the upgrades to your machine. Now is the time for a new LT1 383 Master Engine Kit. It is exactly the type of engine kit that will give you the boosts you want: torque, horsepower, speed, and sound.

This LT1 kit will take your current 350 LT1 and make it a 383 Cubic Inch monster. It is balanced and it comes with a new custom hydraulic roller camshaft for your application. The front of the crankshaft is internally balanced, which is an added benefit. This allows the use of a stock type LT1 harmonic balancer. In order to balance it correctly, a 1” piece of mallory heavy metal needs to be added to the front counter weight.

Overall, this kit includes everything you’ll need to fully stroke and rebuild your LT1 to 383 cubic inches. This kit includes new pistons, bearings, new crankshaft, connecting rods, valve springs, timing set, complete gasket set, oil pump & pick up, brass freeze plugs, valve springs and retainers, and a performance camshaft and lifters. Now that you know that we’ve included everything you need to make this powerful transition happen, you can feel more than comfortable with this affordable purchase. This LT1 383 Stroker Kit is only $1599.99! 

5th Jun 2014

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