Parts Working Together - Rotating Assembly

Instead of buying something that you need, part by part, you should buy something that you need that includes everything within it, like a packaged deal. This is the best way to save time and money, which most people consider to be the same. Our rotating assemblies have many parts, components and much needed devices, so you should feel great acquiring one of them.

One of our best rotating assemblies is our 355 CID Forged Rotating Assembly, which has parts such as:

  1. Flat top pistons
  2. 6” high beam rods
  3. It has a 3.480” crankshaft stroke
  4. It has a Scat/PBM crankshaft
  5. The crankshaft material is forged from 4340 steel
  6. It has a journal diameter of 350 mains
  7. It has connecting rods that are considered to be Scat/PBM
  8. It has a connecting rod with a size of 6”
  9. It has Mahle pistons
  10. It has a floating wrist pin
  11. The connecting rod material is forged from 4340 steel
  12. Its piston size is 4.030”
  13. Its piston material is forged from aluminum
  14. Its dome volume has flat top -5cc valve pockets
  15. The piston rings are Mahle/PBM
  16. The ring sizes are 1.5mm, 1.5mm, and 3.0mm
  17. Its standard ring tensions are standard
  18. Its ring material is constructed from a ductile iron plasma moly

All of our rotating engine assembly kits come fully balanced and they ready for immediate implementation. The components within them are also balanced. Everything that comes in these kits are meant to work together and they do work together, so you can be assured of their potentially high performances. 

14th Jun 2014

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