Machined Kits

Machined Kits

The days of having 6 to 10 machine shops in one city is no longer an option. Welcome to the new age of engine assemblers and not machine shops. that's why it makes sense to shop with Motorsports Unlimited we offer complete machining on the new pieces and parts that you are buying, No longer are the days that you have to take your parts into a machine shop. You might wonder why would I do that, well expediting for one reason time, cost, convenience and a peace of mind. if you are talented with your hands and capable of putting an engine together then there's no need to do it any other way, you can simply buy the block you want machined to your specifications, as well as the rotating assembly, that you want balanced to your specifications. Cylinder heads are another area that need work and some final details done before assembly, we will also take care of this and make sure everything is to your specs depending on whether it's, turbo, blown or nitrous oxide. Motorsports Unlimited has spent years developing different combinations of engine kits, rotating assemblies and top in packages to make it a simple transaction. once again if you are doing a lot of building for your buddies, or you are doing it for a side job or business, then it just makes sense to stop here and get what you need to get on the track running. Isn't that what we're all wanting to do? Below is an example of just one engine kit we offer.

This engine kit includes everything to build a complete 582 CID competition drag race engine. Combine this kit with your machine work and assembly and you can have a complete engine for a fraction of the cost to have one built. This kit includes quality components that are capable of producing maximum horsepower and reliability. This kit would be a great choice for super comp, super gas or a serious bracket engine. We also supply this kit totally machined and balanced with the heads assembled, so there is no need to take it to a machine shop, all the work is done and ready for your final assembly. (AVAILABLE IN THE OPTIONS, JUST CHECK THE MACHINE & BALANCE TAB) If you need to make any changes to any kit please contact us and we will make any necessary adjustments.


Our machined engine kits include: Squaring the decks to the cam / crankshaft centerline and setting the deck height to your specifications, torque plate honed to your specs on our Sunnen SV-10 diamond cyl hone, lifter bores verified and corrected if needed, final washed with the cam bearings and all plugs and dowels installed. Balancing is done on our CWT Multi Bal 5500 computerized engine balancer to .2 oz inches (you will be supplied your bobweight card and balance sheet). The cylinder heads are checked for guide sizing and corrected if necessary. Valve seats are inspected for placement on the valve face and sealing, the valve springs are also set to the installed height and assembled. We also map out the camshaft on our Performance Trends camshaft analyzer to check for any variations that exceed our tolerance (you will be provided a copy of this report). The valve springs will also be checked and verified on our computerized spring checker from free standing to coil bind (you will receive a copy of this as well).

Short Block Components

  • World Products 091107 Merlin IV 9.850" DH, 4.595" Bore, Nodular Cap Block (Billet Caps Available In Options)
  • PBM / Scat 85059 4.375" Stroke 4340 Forged Crankshaft
  • PBM / Scat CR6385A H-Beam 6.385" Connecting Rods W/ARP 2000 Bolts
  • JE 258236 Pistons 42cc Dome
  • PBM PS24600FL 1/16" 1/16" 3/16" File Fit Rings
  • Clevite MS829h Main Bearings
  • Clevite CB743HN Rod Bearings
  • Dura Bond CHP12T Camshaft Bearings (Coated)
  • Fel Pro 2918B Rear Main Seal
  • PBM BKBBC Block Finishing Kit (Dowels, Plugs Ect.)
  • Erson E120994 Custom Camshaft, Solid Roller 7/4 Swap (You will be contacted on cam specs)
  • PBM 8991T 9 Keyway Billet Timing Set
  • PBM 007-3 Cam Lock Plate
  • PBM 325 Roller Cam Button
  • PBM 639 Timing Cover W/ Gasket & Front Seal
  • Power Bond PB1211-SS SFI Harmonic Damper Int. Balance
  • PBM 646 Billet Timing Pointer
  • PBM 922 Fuel Pump Block Off Plate
  • Melling 10770 High Volume Oil Pump W/ Oil Pump Drive Shaft
  • ARP 230-7001 Oil Pump Stud
  • Canton 13-344 8qt Oil Pan W/ Side Kick Out
  • Canton 20-170 Oil Pump Pick Up
  • Canton 20-850 Billet Dipstick Tube
  • Erson RL806 / (6727 Morel Part #) Black Mamba Lite, Bushing UFRS Roller Lifters
  • Fel Pro 1893 Oil Pan Gasket
  • ARP 135-2501 Harmonic Damper Bolt
  • ARP 535-9801 Engine Accessory Bolt Kit
  • Engine Quest OFA305 Oil Filter Adapter

Top End Components

  • ProFiler 174-X-C37-03 375cc CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
  • Erson 1220 2.350" Competition Intake Valves
  • Erson 1235 1.850" Competition Exhaust Valves
  • Erson E915048 FSP Triple Valve Springs 1.640" 345lb @ 2.100"
  • Erson 509 Titanium Retainers 10 Degree
  • Erson 203LC Valve Locks 10 Degree W/Lash Cap Recess
  • PBM 5301132 Positive Valve Seal Viton
  • Erson Cams 2604 O.D. Valve Spring Locators
  • T&D 3211 Shaft Rocker Assembly 1.7 Ratio
  • Erson 1850-8 7/16" Dia. 8.800" .165" Wall Pushrods
  • Erson 1864-8 7/16" Dia. 9.500" .165" Wall Pushrods
  • Cometic C5331-040 Head Gaskets 4.600" Bore
  • ARP 235-4303 Cylinder Head Studs
  • PBM 77640 High Temp Silicone Valve Cover Gaskets
  • PBM 727A Polished Aluminum Valve Covers W/No Holes
  • ProFiler 206-9RP Intake Manifold 4500 Carb Flange
  • Fel 1275-5 Intake Gaskets
  • MSD 85561 Billet Distributor W/ Adjustable Collar
  • PBM 302 Bronze Distributor Gear
  • MSD 31199 Spark Plug Wire Set
  • PBM Distributor Clamp
21st Nov 2019 Lance Stillwell

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    Machined Kits

    The days of having 6 to 10 machine shops in one city is no longer an option. Welcome to the new age …
    21st Nov 2019 Lance Stillwell