We Weigh and Balance our LT1 383 Stroker Kits

Having something that comes already balanced and pre-measured is one of the greatest things in the world, especially in the world of auto mechanics and the vehicles they work on. The profession of mechanical engineering is an artform, primarily because it involves the finite process of transforming something into a finished product. In the industry of metallurgy, it involves the science concerned with the properties of metals and their eventual production and/or usefulness. Since we only distribute products that are made from the finest manufacturers and metallurgists, you can be confident about the purchase you make.

We individually weigh and balance each and every component within a rotating assembly, such as our LT1 383 stroker kit, which is a master engine kit that involves:

  • Either flat top or dished pistons
  • A 1 piece of the rear main seal
  • A fully packed hydraulic roller cam and lifter set (which is completely computer-friendly)
  • A brand new crankshaft, which is immaculate in both its design and function
  • All of the pistons required for a full stroking of your LT1 to the desired 383 cubic inches
  • The connecting rods needed to support the power that will be increased
  • Bearings that will be used to support the camshaft
  • A performance camshaft and all of the necessary lifters, which helps to promote better torque percentages
  • Valve springs and retainers
  • The valve locks that prevent accidental spills within the valve
  • A double row timing set
  • An oil pump, brass freeze plugs, and a complete gasket set

We externally balance this set to the back of the crankshaft. However, it will need an external balance on your part of the 1 piece seal flexplate (flywheel). 

15th Jul 2014

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