Have you ever been working on your 350 TBI rebuild and you just can’t find a specific component? It can be incredibly frustrating to have a missing part in a rebuild kit. It is even more frustrating if you have an incompatible part or your component is broken. It can often lead to frustration and quitting an engine rebuild project for a while. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

At Motorsports Unlimited, our machinists can recreate and custom make any engine component that you need. Whether you need some valve guide honing or block deck resurfacing, our machine shop is here for you. We have a host of services we can perform, regardless of your specifications.

Let’s say you have an engine gasket kit that has some defective pieces or is in need of an upgrade. You could send the whole thing back and get your money back, which seems like a reasonable thing to do. But we all know engine enthusiasts aren’t reasonable. We’re mad. We’re here to help you make that engine gasket, that engine hose, those bearings.

Our dedicated and tireless machinists will fulfill your order quickly and make sure that the piece is top-quality. If you are ready to get some custom built machine parts from Motorsports Unlimited machine shop, then visit our website or give us a call today at 812-232-4282.


  • Clyinder head rebuilding (Gas or Diesel)
  • Pressure check
  • Vacuum Test
  • Magnaflux
  • Complete guide & seat replacement
  • Valve guide honing
  • Oversize valve machining
  • Resurfacing & angle milling
  • Broken bolt & thread repair
  • Hi performance multiangle valve jobs
  • Block Blueprinting
  • Computerized crankshaft balancing
  • Block boring & honing w/ or w/o torque plates
  • Main housing align honing
  • Block deck resurfacing
  • Connecting rod shotpeening & complete reconditioning
  • Bake oven & shotpeening cleaning system
  • Hydraulic press work.
  • Tig Welding