Choose a Forged Rotating Assembly and Reap the Benefits!

Even though we’ve initially balanced and weighed all of the mechanisms and components within our rotating assemblies, you’ll still need to properly balance them after you’ve completely installed them. This is often referred to as the “finish-balance.” However, despite that, with the purchase of a rotating assembly from our extensively diverse collection, you’ll receive everything you’ll need to convert and upgrade your engine to its appropriate degree of successful union.

For instance, our 383 CID Forged Rotating Assembly is an all-inclusive package the promotes an easy replacement and installation of these and many other parts not mentioned:

  • The dome pistons, which are utilized to manage a better mechanical compression ratio and enlarge the flame propagation distance
  • 6” H-Beam rods, which directly connect the piston to the crankshaft (crank) in order to convert the reciprocating motion into a rotating motion (reciprocating means back and forth motions, rotating means circular motion)
  • A scat forged crankshaft, which acts as a counterweight (rough look with rounded edges)
  • Mahle forged pistons, which means that the alloy used has silicon that is soluble within the alloy itself, which then leads to a better alloy structure with the formation of silicon crystals (lower thermal expansion and tighter tolerances)

We are more than certain you will enjoy the powerful efficacy of all of the parts we’ve included in this package and all of our other packages. We’ve received nothing but consistently positive feedback about our assemblies, so you’ll be more than pleased with what you get for your money. This isn’t to mention the fact that we have some of the lowest prices, especially in comparison to some of our counterparts in this industry. 

25th Jul 2014

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