Planetary Gear Sets Prove to be Highly Effective

Our parts and components are some of the most technologically proficient and reliable items of their kind. We make sure that we always supply only the most respectable and dependable brands. If you are looking for a planetary gear set for your transmission, you have come to the right place. Planetary gear sets will help you get the gear changes at the speeds you need, as they've all been proven to do so. Of course, this is all depending on what type of vehicle you are racing and what kind of torque it’s administering. In order to properly generate the right amount of gear ratios from the transmission, you’ll need a properly functioning planetary gear set.

In order to calculate the planetary gear ratio, you'll need to count the number of sun gear teeth and ring gear teeth in the set. Make sure that the set is in underdrive, along with the carrier as the output. Then, add the two together and you’ll have your planetary gear ratio. In some circles, planetary gearing is also known as epicyclic gearing, which is a system that encompasses central and external gears.

There are so many reasons to shop with us right now and so many reasons why you should continue to shop with us in the future. We make sure that the parts and components we sell are all genuine. None of our inventories have copied or faked items, as they are all made from genuine manufacturers. Since all of our products are meant to help race-oriented engines become the best that they can be, we have become one of the leading resources for racers. 

12th May 2014

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