Get That Extra Horsepower With A Performance Camshaft

For those of you that are in need of a dependable camshaft, we have several performance-based models and editions for you to choose from. Although we know you probably know what a camshaft is, we will tell you some details about what it does. These are primarily used to operate poppet valves in a combustion engine, which is what our client-base typically uses them for. A camshaft is basically a cylindrical rod, which is well-built and made to handle a lot of pressure, not to mention the wear and tear of torque. 

Just in case you don’t know how it looks, it’s cylindrical and it runs the length of a cylinder bank. It has a bunch of different oblong lobes protruding from it, which help move each valve. The cam lobes themselves force the valves by tediously pressing on them with applied pressure. Sometimes they do this by pressing on intermediate mechanisms, simultaneously as they rotate.

One of our most popular performance camshafts is our Erson E 110026, which is a hydraulic camshaft. This powerful and high performance camshaft has measurements of .443”/.465”. With a lift of 280/290, this bad boy really supports the movement of poppet valves, furthering the speed of the vehicle by creating that extra horsepower most performance drivers require. These types of camshafts are performance-based for a reason, as they are meant for supercharged engines, nitrous-based engines, and aspirated engines. Whether you have a muscle car or a race car, you’ll want to check out our wide selection of performance camshafts, as they are waiting for you to affordably acquire them! 

23rd Apr 2014

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