Get that Extra Boost in Torque from one of our Camshafts

A camshaft rotation must be in synchronization with the crankshaft, period. This is one of the most critical aspects when considering the amount of torque you want out of your hot rod, race car, or 4x4. The valves must control the air/fuel mixture intake and exhaust gases in ways that make sure the pistons are stroked appropriately. All of this must happen while the valves are either closed and/or opened. The gear mechanism that connects the camshaft to the crankshaft needs to have structural solidity. However, depending on what type of vehicle you may need a camshaft for, you may have a timing chain or timing belt that is indirectly supportive of this connection.

One of our best camshafts is our Erson E 110026 Hyd Camshaft. This bad boy exhibits the meticulous perfection that every camshaft should encompass. It can be applied to .443”/.465” dimensions and to a lift duration of 280*/290*. This internal device should also be used with an associated lobe separation of 112 L/C. This camshaft will work in an exuberant amount of applications, ranging from off-road vehicles to sports cars to racing vehicles.

For a mere $90, you’ll get a product that’s been tried and tested to work time and time again. It has been through countless analysis and refining processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency. It’s built by Erson Cams and is one of the most solid and dependable camshafts of its kind. It’ll create all sorts of low end torque for 4x4s and street rods. Right after installation and during your first drive, you’ll feel the bump in torque immediately.

20th May 2014

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