Performance Camshafts Offer Many Advantages

There are so many reasons to shop for motorsport parts at our site, primarily due to the fact that we offer well built parts for cheaper than most of our competitors. As most of the motor sports are composed of cars that have internal combustion engines with pistons, we are more than certain that our large inventory will do more than suffice your needs. Here at Motorsports Unlimited, you'll find the best parts and the best prices. 

Our performance camshafts are some of the most popular parts sold, as they have many advantages in hard-core racing. As you probably already know, a well-made performance camshaft is used to operate poppet valves. The shaft itself is a cylindrical rod, installed along the length of the cylinder bank. As each valve has its own oblong lobes protruding from the performance camshaft, they force the valve open by pressing on the valve. 

One of our best performance camshafts is our Erson E110018 Hyd Camshaft .414"/.443" Lift, 266*/266* Duration 110 L/C. This baby works on a large range of applications, providing a ton of low end torque for RV's and other 4x4s. The specs are all laid out for you to see, as we think you'll be more than impressed with this performance camshaft! 

1st Apr 2014

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