World’s Motown II RC small block provides an ingenious solution to a long standing problem. By raising the camshaft location in the block +.134”, World Products has created a robust platform for big inch small blocks which upgrades the cam journal to a BBC 2.120” bore. The MOTOWN II RC also features bushed lifter bores in your choice of .842” or .904”. These upgrades provide exceptional valve train stability at high rpm operation. Raising the cam location also allows clearance for the use of H-Beam connecting rods with a 4.000” stroke crankshaft for greater bottom end strength. Standard small block style oil pans, timing covers, intakes and other components are used.

High density cast iron construction = Raised cam location +.134" = BBC 2.120” cam bearing bore = Bushed lifter bores (.842 or .904) = Clearance for 4.000” stroke w/H-beam rods = Priority main oiling = Expanded water jackets = Bores to 4.200” (4.120” std.) = Cylinder walls .250” @ 4.200 = 350 or 400 mains = 9.025” stock deck height = Splayed 4-bolt billet main caps w/dowels & stepped register, ARP studs = Dual motor mounts = Provision for dry sump = OE style fuel pump & starter mounts = Approximately 200 lbs.