World Products new 8.1 liter block is a direct replacement style with all the OE fitments and accessory mounts. The 8.1 engine is no longer in production and until now there have been no direct replacement blocks available. These engines are common in trucks, motor homes, marine and industrial applications. Full water jackets between the cylinders of the standard 2.245” bore ensure proper cooling capacity, and bore sizes of 4.495 and 4.595 are available with Siamese bores. The block is compatible with stock cylinder heads and other components. Like all World blocks and heads, the 8.1 liter is American made. World’s new digital inspection equipment and quality verification procedures ensure dimensional accuracy and mean you can be assured of total quality and superior performance.

Cast iron construction = Direct stock 8.1 replacement block = Accepts stock 8.1 heads = Stock style oil fi lter provisions = Stock style oil cooler provisions = Stock style accessory mounts = Full water jackets between cylinders = Stock crank sensor position = Approximately 270 lbs.